Art Placement FAQ

Why do I need to fill out an Art Placement Application?

The art placement application allows multiple team leads to view and share all the important information about your project in order to give it the best placement possible.

I received an art grant from GVIAS, do I still need to fill out the form?

NO! GVIAS will be forwarding your information directly to the art placement team. Please keep an eye out for emails about directed tickets, placement, safety and more from the art placement team.

I have multiple projects. Do I need to fill out a form for each one?

YES! Each project is different and will be placed according to things like size, sound, and interactivity.

How do I know my form was received?

When you submit the form, there should be a message confirming that it went through. Within a few days you should receive an email from the art placement leads thanking you for your submission and giving you further information about the process. If you do not receive confirmation and/or an email, please contact us at
[email protected]

How many directed tickets will I receive for my project team?

The number of tickets each project receives will depend on the number of projects and the number of people in each project. Although we try to fulfill everyone’s needs, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET ALL THE DIRECTED TICKETS THAT YOU ASK FOR!

A good portion of tickets for BiTF go to those that are volunteering and/or participating in the event. Each pod (volunteers, art, theme camps etc.) receives a certain number of directed tickets.


If you do not claim your directed tickets by the cut off date, they
will go into the OMG last minute sale.

Can I request placement in a specific spot?

You can request a specific spot in the application, but so many factors go into deciding where things go, including size, sound, safety, and interactivity.


My art project is going to be in my theme camp. Do I still need to fill out an a placement application?

YES! Sections of the application go to other leads such as safety, sound, fire and power. We need to know who is bringing what so that we can give everyone the best placement possible! This also allows your project to appear on the site map and in the What Where When guide.