Art Cars, or Mutant Vehicles, are a uniquely burner-esque tradition of turning a variety of mobile platforms into awesome mobile art!

The BitF site is a pedestrian/bicycle zone…no motorized traffic is allowed during the event, with the exceptions of:

  • Emergency vehicles and BitF event vehicles
  • Electric wheelchairs for persons with disabilities
  • Electrically assisted bicycles (low-power, not including motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc)
  •  Art Cars / Mutant Vehicles who apply via the process below, permitting them to be used during the event

Mutant Vehicles must apply to attend BitF, so that they may be properly checked by BitF staff to ensure that certain mandatory minimums are met, and so that information on the Mutant Vehicle can be included in our insurance and permitting applications. NEW THIS YEAR – ART DRONES. We have added art drones to our Mutant Vehicle section this year. This does not allow for recording of the event so please read the information provided in the link carefully to make sure you and your drone meet the requirements. 

No Mutant Vehicle may attend that is not approved by the event through the form below.

Mutant Vehicle Policy for BiTF 2019

Burn in the Forest – MVP 2019