2017 Event info will be updated as it becomes available.

All DJs and live performers at BITF are volunteers who generally participate in the creation of a sound camps or theme camp hosting an event. BITF is not a festival where the event producers hire or schedule performers. It is up to the sound camps and theme camps to recruit and schedule performers for their events. Here are some suggestions on how to perform at BITF:

  1. Join a theme camp hosting an event or join a sound camp.  All sound camps and theme camps hosting parties will also appear in the what/where/when guide. You are welcome to contact camps and offer to perform. TIP: If this is your first BITF, it’s a good idea to attend the event, get to know the people, and offer to get involved the following year. Making a personal connection with people running theme or sound camps is best.
  1. Start your own theme camp and host an event. Theme camps may host parties for the community and check out the event supplied PA for up to 3 hours from 12pm and 9pm daily. For more information on how to register a theme camp and host a party, click here. (2016 Theme Camp placement process is now closed)
  1. Apply to create a sound stage. Sound stages can operate between 10am and 4am daily. There are a limited number of sound stages at the event so the application process is competitive. For more information on how to apply for a sound stage, click here.    (The 2016 Sound Camp Application Process is now closed)

There are a lot of opportunities to perform at BITF so don’t be shy! If you don’t line anything up ahead of time, just come ready to participate and start meeting people. We are an inclusive community and welcome new additions with open arms!


Feel free to ask questions or direct comments the 2016 Sound Team Lead, Peter Blitz, at [email protected].