All Citizens may enter the event when it opens at 10am on the morning of Thursday, July 13th, 2017


  • Tuesday, July 11:  2pm – 10pm (Pre-registered Early Arrival Only) – GATES LOCKED 10PM-10AM
  • Wednesday, July 12: 10am – 10pm (Pre-registered Early Arrival Only) – GATES LOCKED 10PM-10AM
  • Thursday, July 13: 10am – 10pm (Gates open to all!)
  • Friday, July 14: 10am – 10pm (Gates open to all!))
  • Sunday, July 16: Exodus for participants (anyone who stays must help tear down)
  • Monday, July 17: Teardown day – complete exodus by dark.

Please note: There are  -no ins and outs-  at this event.

The gates to the site will be locked from 10PM-10AM pre-event and on Sunday; NO vehicle entries will be possible after 10PM. If you arrive late, you will not be able to enter until 10AM the next morning when the gates open. .

NO Citizen that is not a registered member of DPW may enter the site before Tuesday, July 11th, including theme camps and artists.  We need the entire site clear on Monday the 10th for placement and siteworks.



Citizens who are helping with a specific theme camp, art project, or event pod are required to register for Tuesday or Wednesday Early Arrival – see hours above.  There is no extra cost to stay the extra nights if you are registered.

All Citizens who apply for early entry are expected to help set up the event. We are there to work, and we won’t have facilities/services in place for an “early party”. If you are not participating in setup, you will be asked to leave.

Register below for early entry. Remember: NOBODY BUT DPW  AND FLOW may be onsite before Tuesday July 11th. DPW crew is not required to register for early entry, but must be signed up for a shift.

To Register for Early Arrival or Set-up, please email [email protected]



We want to be mindful of the space everyone takes camping in order to allow all the shiny happy burners who want to attend to do so.  As usual, we will clear designated spots for theme camps and other placed projects – no open camping is permitted in these areas.

We will designate open camping areas on the map, and when you arrive there will be placement staff available to show you where these are located. Each of these spaces are first-come, first camped.

All open  camping space is available for use by any citizen.




Citizens may depart the event at any time, but there are no ins and outs. When you leave, you leave for good. Following festivities on Sunday, Citizens are welcome to stay at the site overnight on Sunday to help with teardown on Sunday afternoon & Monday. We may recruit you to help with specific teardown items.

On Sunday at 10PM we will lock the gate until Monday morning. No exits will be possible between these times.