We invite artists to explore the significance, meaning and experience of a burn ritual. This year, submissions are also open to Effigy and Temple proposals that are not intended to burn at all—but instead bring forth a new and different type of ritual that aims to embody, comment on, or change the ritual significance of a burn. Get creative! The community will vote on the project and its accompanying ritual.

Link to Application Form




  • Any submission over 20′ tall automatically cannot be burned.  
    • By all means, we invite other sizes and dimensions for the Effigy/Temple, if they do not involve burning by fire.
  • The maximum height-to-width ratio is capped at 2:1 if you intend your submission to qualify to be considered for a fire-burn (eg. a 20′ high structure can only be as wide as 10′). 
  • There is no size restriction on a submission that is not intended to fire-burn (**please see transportation guidelines).
  • Materials:
    • Absolutely NO CEDAR allowed (for fire-burn)
    • No wood materials that spark are allowed
  • FIRE BURN PLAN: Your submission MUST include a detailed FIRE BURN PLAN in the event that we are able to FIRE-BURN the effigy and that your submission meets all other requirements that qualifies it to fire-burn. The fire-burn plan will be reviewed by members of the production team, and fire-safety team, for initial approval. **A BURN PLAN DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE EFFIGY CAN BE BURNED**
  • NO-FIRE BURN PLAN: Your submission MUST ALSO include a feasible, realistic, and detailed NO-FIRE BURN PLAN (an alternate ritual and a tear-down plan) in the event that we are unable to burn the effigy due to a variety of reasons including weather, local authority, safety, etc. 
    • Any Submission received without a NO-FIRE BURN PLAN will be rejected, automatically. 
    • Please note that we will not know if we have received burn approval from the province until a couple of weeks before the event
  • All EFFIGY submissions must include a LEAVE NO TRACE PLAN, in the event of both a fire-burn and a no-fire-burn. This includes a tear down plan, and a plan for loading/unloading, and storage.

Transportation Guidelines:

  • The truck will be loaded on Saturday, July 11th. You need your own volunteers for load/unload.
  • The absolute longest piece of wood that can fit in the transportation truck is 20’. Please use smaller pieces, 4’x8’ is easiest. 
  • You have approximately 10’ x 8’ x 8’ (L x W x H) truck space allotted to you.
  • Delicate pieces MUST be packaged in a box before loading into the truck

Please review all of the information required before submitting your application:

  • Name of your Effigy/Temple Design
  • Artistic Concept
  • Effigy Team Bio
  • Construction Methods
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Fire Design – Burn Plan (Effigy & Temple)
  • No Burn Plan (Effigy & Temple)
  • Safety Plan
  • Leave No Trace/Tear Down Plan
  • Itemized Budget
  • Concept Picture