Camping & Parking

Please note that BitF 2021 has been cancelled. The information on this page has not been updated for the next BitF event, likely in 2022.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is not reserved and is first-come, first-camped.

Open Camping – short description

Family Camping – short description

Open Camping – short description


Your vehicle must be parked in the Parking Lot unless you have applied to camp with your vehicle. Vehicle Camping Form coming soon.

You have 15 minutes to drop off your belongings at your site. You will then need to drive your vehicle to the Parking Lot before setting up camp.

Theme Camps

Theme Camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps to build the texture of our temporary community.

Theme Camps are pre-registered and given a designated site. Only members of a theme camp are allowed to camp on their site.

Theme Camp Info


Vehicles are permitted to park in theme camps with approval and placement of your theme camp lead.  Vehicles should be placed towards the back of your camp allowing for front access interaction with the community.  Theme camps should look like theme camps, not parking lots! You will be asked to move vehicles that are an eyesore or obstruction.

RVs and Vehicle Camping

The RV Camping Area is for any groups not placed with a theme camp with RVs and other large vehicles over r 7 meters (25 feet) in length and/or with generators or other loud equipment.

RV & Tent groups

If you are in an RV and you want to cluster with other RVs or with people in tents, please indicate this on your form to ensure that the Parking Team knows . This will ensure that Onsite Placement is aware of your group’s needs in the open camping area and can direct you accordingly upon arrival.


Vehicles that will remain on camp sites must be pre-registered. Vehicle Camping Form coming soon. All other vehicles, including tow vehicles for trailers, must be parked in the Parking Lot after unloading.

Accessible Camping

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