Camping and Parking

Tent Camping

Tent camping is not reserved and is first-come, first-camped in the Open Camping areas.


Our goal is to keep the event space and campgrounds magical, welcoming, and walkable.

To this end, all vehicles must be parked in the designated Parking Lots, unless they qualify for a Vehicle Camping Pass.

If you need to keep your vehicle in your camp for theme camp purposes, accessibility needs, or you are sleeping in your vehicle, you will be issued a Vehicle Camping Pass by our parking team on site.

You are highly encouraged to keep your vehicles out of walking paths and sight lines, and to add artistic flourish to your sleeper vehicles!

You have 45 minutes to drop off your belongings at your site. You will then need to drive your vehicle to the Parking Lot before setting up camp.

Theme Camps

Theme Camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps to build the texture of our temporary community.

Theme Camps are pre-registered and given a designated site. Only members of a theme camp are allowed to camp on their site.

Theme Camp Application Form


Vehicles should be placed towards the back of your camp, allowing for front access and interaction with the community.

Theme camps should look like theme camps, not parking lots! You will be asked to move vehicles that are an eyesore or obstruction.

RVs and Vehicle Camping

The RV Camping Area is for any RVs and other large vehicles over 7 meters (25 feet) in length and/or with generators or other loud equipment.

We much appreciate the folks who are considerate of tent campers by keeping their fancy glamping-mobiles in this designated area.

RV & Tent groups
If you are in an RV and want to park in Open Camping outside of the RV Camping Area, please let our parking team know on site. They will assist you and determine whether this is feasible, based on where the rest of your group has set up camp and whether your vehicle can safely navigate to planned spots.

Our goal is to make this work for everyone, but please be prepared to be cool about being directed to the RV Camping Area if that plan doesn’t work out!

We recommend arriving early in the event and during the daylight hours to increase your chances of being able to camp in Open Camping.

Accessible Camping

There will be a designated Accessible Camping area near Centre Camp.

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