2023 Coming Soon!

There are going to be amazing things happening at BITF this year!

The What Where When guide (WWW) is your directory for the incredible event offerings that your fellow participants are bringing.

Be radically self-reliant by either saving it to your phone or printing it out ahead of time
NOTE: there will be NO printed copies available onsite.

2023 Coming Soon!

2023 Coming Soon!

Welcome to our Community! BitF has been co-created by participants like yourself.
While you are here, please follow three simple guidelines:

Respect Yourself

This environment and experience may push you in different ways. Occasionally you may feel uncomfortable, or out of sorts. We trust that only you can fully understand what your comfort levels and personal boundaries are.

Please be conscious of your well-being and aware of your own needs. Practice self-care. Remember that we value self-reliance in our community. Please reach out to others for support if you need it.

Respect One Another

Be aware of your behaviour, your choices, and ways that they impact other members of our community. Keep consent and personal autonomy at the forefront of all of your interactions. Check in, with yourself and others.

Respect Our Hosts

There are very few places that allow us to do what our community does. It’s a privilege to use this space and we need to take care of it. As guests, please treat our hosts and this site, their home, with care; our actions will guide future use at this unique location.

If something doesn’t seem right, you are empowered to speak up or report the situation to the Production Team or Rangers (in blue). In exceptional circumstances, event Producers reserve the right to remove participants who contradict the spirit of this code of conduct. This code of conduct has been created by the community. We endeavour to create a healthy and respectful environment for everyone, and we welcome all to share in it.

UNDERSTAND that you voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death by attending BitF. Bring everything you need. There are no vending or supplies onsite. Please support the local economy and buy as many of your supplies as you can in Princeton

Leave No Trace is one of the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Our community deeply respects natural environment and we are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave such places in a better state than when we found them.

The 2022 LNT Guide is available to read here

Please help us to meet the following requirements that allow us to consume personal alcohol in a safe and  responsible manner.  Whether you are hosting or visiting a campsite it is everyone’s responsibility to follow these guidelines.  All citizens must agree to the following conditions of entry, and by doing so, you support GVIAS’ agreements with the landowner, RCMP and Liquor Control Board.

Storing of Alcohol at your campground
  • All alcohol needs to be stored in a concealed area not readily available to minors.
  • Do not leave any open alcoholic beverages unattended at your campground.
  • Only transport unopened alcoholic beverages from your vehicle to your camp or to other campsites.
  • Glass is not permitted at BitF.  Please only bring cans or cartons.
Consumption of alcohol

Alcohol can only be consumed within the confines of yours’ or your host’s campsite or parked RV– ie. Where you sleep. Similar to a residence, you may consume responsibly and serve your guests responsibly in the following ways.

The host is responsible for:

  • Monitoring of minors.  Minors will be wearing a red wristband for identification. They are not permitted to drink alcohol or hold alcoholic beverages.
  • Duty of Care and guests’ consumption of alcohol.  You must monitor the number of guests you have and their level of intoxication.
  • Ensuring intoxicated guests are prohibited from consuming further alcohol.
  • Ensuring guests do not enter or leave the site with unconsumed alcohol.
  • Alcohol must not be consumed in a public place.  This includes the roadway and any open beach area or open area that is not a campsite or parked RV  ie. Places where people dont sleep.
Disposal of alcoholic containers

All cans can be disposed of within the recycling provided on site. Collect all empties at your camp within a garbage bag and transport to recycling.

Consumption and Driving

BITF has a no in-and-out policy.  Citizens will not be permitted to leave and return. If you must leave permanently, you must leave through the single secured access. You may not leave the site behind the wheel of a vehicle if you are intoxicated.

Security, Rangers and RCMP

Our Security and Rangers will patrol the site and may approach your camp to check on the above. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to the policy.

Personal Intoxication & Unruly Behaviour

BITF is a radically self-reliant event known for its responsible citizens. Alcohol-related altercations and disruptions are extremely rare in our experience, please help us maintain this standard. Unruly behavior may be subject to intervention by security staff, and possible ejection from the event at the discretion of security and the Production Team.

Harm Reduction at BITF: Sanctuary and Resource Station

Harm Reduction at Burn in the Forest will include education, prevention, monitoring and aftercare services. Although this event is promoted as a family-friendly, drug free event, the Safety team recognizes that some problematic alcohol and/or illicit drug use may be present. Fortunately, substance use has never caused any significant issues in the past. Through education and prevention efforts, the Safety team hopes to maintain a low level of risk.

The 10 Principles and Harm Reduction

The Sanctuary and Resource Station promote radical inclusion and provide an opportunity for volunteers to gift their time (also participation and immediacy), to help other people through their tough times (communal effort). In turn, BITF participants who use harm reduction services can continue to be radically self-reliant and radically self-expressive, and therefore further fulfill their own civic responsibility. No person is an island; we are all social beings who need each other’s help!

Education and Prevention

Education and prevention will be provided at the Resource Station, which includes an Information table with harm reduction supplies, and a Testing table. The Resource Station will be open Thursday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00 daily. Confidential testing will be provided by a staff member from the Interior Health Authority (IHA) of British Columbia. An IHA staff member will advise participants of results, and may suggest disposal of substances.

Monitoring and Aftercare

The Sanctuary will provide monitoring and aftercare services, working together closely with the medical team. Sanctuary is a place of refuge for participants who, for whatever reason, are feeling temporarily overwhelmed. Sanctuary is a relaxing and cozy space, with dedicated, trained volunteers who provide peer support, helping participants through difficult emotional issues, exhaustion, issues related to pre-existing psychological disorders or temporary issues while in an altered state. Shift Leads are mental health professionals who will oversee participants in the Sanctuary, determine if additional medical care is required, and facilitate transfer to onsite or other medical services as needed.

You must bring everything you need to be completely self-reliant for however many days you plan to be at BITF, as there are no on-site services.

  • Your ticket – you will not get in without it!
  • Water – There is potable water available onsite, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own so you don’t have to lug a huge jug across the site.
  • Food, utensils, dishes, camp stove etc.
  • Garbage bags and bins: this is a leave no trace event.  There are no garbage and recycling bins on site, you will need to take your garbage and recycling home with you.
  • Ice
  • An open mind
  • Your gifts
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Rope,  solar lights, flagging tape or similar markers – use these to mark off hazards in and around your camp.  Some campsites have drop offs that might be hard to see in the dark.
  • Flashlight, lantern, headlamps.
  • Clothing, costumes, theme camp decor, art, music, random creative projects.
  • Toilet paper – single ply or RV type is best to avoid clogging the sewage trucks. TP is provided in the porta potties, but sometimes runs out
  • Tent, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Shade structures – It can get quite windy onsite. Bring appropriate stakes and rope to secure your shade structure.
  • Camp chairs and tables: campsites do not have picnic tables.

MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) – Glass, glow sticks, glitter, or any other MOOP that is potentially harmful to the environment.

Pets – BitF maintains a strict no pets policy, and anyone arriving at gate with a pet, will be turned away. However, certified service animals are welcome. If you plan to attend BitF with your certified service animal, please contact [email protected] to let us know how we can help.

Glass Containers – Even with your best intentions and safest handling, glass can break. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and boxes of wine present less of a potential hazard to safety and MOOP.

Fire – Open flame is not permitted at this site. Please do not bring fire toys (e.g., staff), propane fire pits, or other things that may present a fire-hazard. CSA approved camp stoves are allowed, provided they are carefully monitored.

Explosives – The only thing we want to see explode is your MIND! Aerial flares, rockets, fireworks, and firearms. All fire effects need to be sanctioned by the Fire Safety Team Lead.

Hand-held lasers – These can cause serious eye injury and blindness (as happened to a Black Rock Ranger in 2014).

Commerce – Vending is strictly prohibited at the event. We are not a commercial or consumer event. Please don’t advertise your business, band, DJ, etc. at the event.

Illegal substances – Possession, sale, or consumption of illegal substances is a federal offense. Local law enforcement may be present at times during the event. The event organizers will cooperate fully with the landowner, their representatives, and the authorities.

Our community aims to provide a respectful space for all participants and consent plays a critical part. BitF can be an overwhelming environment, and we want to ensure that we co-create a safe space for radical self-expression while protecting against harassment and assault. There are also many diverse participants present, and where one person’s self-expression and another’s boundaries intersect, both parties are responsible for negotiating the interface.

With respect to anyone’s physical person, only an enthusiastic “YES” means YES. Anything less is not consent. Rather than risk confusion, create a space where a “no” is always heard and respected, whatever form it may take. Coercion or emotional manipulation to get a “YES” is NOT consent. If the action persists, it may be cause for EXPULSION from the event.

Communicate actively and often. Consent to one thing does not imply yes to any another.

Know your personal boundaries, and be comfortable expressing them.

Respect the moment and know that comfort levels differ at different times with different people.

Always ask about and respect the boundaries of others, even if you already know that person.

Be mindful of intoxicants. Remember, under Canadian law, anyone under the influence of intoxicants cannot consent to contracts OR sexual contact.

Need help in a situation that involves threatening behaviour, or a sexual assault or domestic violence? Protocols and supports are in place for these situations. Seek assistance from any person with a radio (Ranger or Production Team member), at Ranger HQ, or the Medical Station.

Theme camps that involve explicit sexual activity will be clearly marked and only open to participants 19+

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