BitF Survival Guide 2023

(or how not to have a Bad Time™)

Updates for 2024 are being made as information becomes available. This page is not fully up to date as of yet.

Whether you’re brand new to Burner culture or a crusty old Burner, the Survival Guide will help you prepare to have a ✨spectacularly SOUPY✨ time.

Even if this isn’t your first Burn, BitF 2023 is at a newish site to many of us, so there are a few things to know that might be a little different from past years. Besides, it seems like ages ago since we’ve gathered like this, and maybe you’re a little rusty (or dusty). Settle in and take a few minutes to read through the Survival Guide… you do want to have a good time, right?

And particularly for first-time Burners, BitF isn’t a festival and Burner culture is a little different, so please check out the Survival Guide to make sure you know what to expect. Inside you will find:

  • What to bring
  • What NOT to bring
  • Safety information
  • Gate hours and what to expect
  • Parking policy
  • Suggestions on how to have a good time
    …and other stuff!

Can’t wait to see you there! ⛺🎉

Get back into the swing of things and CLICK HERE TO READ THE SURVIVAL GUIDE!

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