Site at Snug Lake Amphitheatre

Updates for 2024 are being made as information becomes available. This page is not fully up to date as of yet.

We would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is the unceded territory of the Nlaka’pamux People.

In 2019 Burn in the Forest found a new long-term home in Snug Lake Amphitheatre. This new site is beautiful, big and has presented new and exciting opportunities for participation and growth.

  • The site is beautiful
    Honestly, it’s a real gem, and we owe a lot to the people who found it. This place has all the potential to host an incredibly special Burn in the Forest, and it’ll be 100% up to us to make this happen.
  • The site has a hill
    Right in the middle of the site is a steep hill, and it’s not your grandma’s molehill. We’re talking Grouse Grind level hiking here. Okay, well… maybe not that bad. But it’s the defining terrain feature that will affect your day’s planning more than anything. The usefulness of bicycles will be limited due to the hilly terrain. At best you’re likely to leave your bike predominantly on either the upper or lower levels.
  • The site gets cold at night
    The elevation means that nighttime temperatures are often near freezing even in July. Daytime temperatures can range from hot to chilly to nearly freezing as well.
  • The site is windy
    The upper level (general camping and some theme camps) can be very windy. If that’s where your camp is, please bring large stakes for your tents and shade structures. The lower level tends to have less wind.
  • The site demands radical self-reliance
    We’re further from civilization. You will need to bring in your own drinking water and manage your own grey water. There’s very limited cellphone coverage. It’s windy, it’s cold, and did we mention there’s a large hill smack dab in the middle of the site?

Important Site Info


Level ground is in limited supply at Snug Lake. Most camping will be on grades ranging from 2-6%. If sleeping level is important to you consider a camping bed or cot with legs, and blocks of various sizes to level it out. Some models have adjustable legs for this purpose. Camper vans can also be levelled out with blocks. If you are bringing an RV, ensure you have enough blocks to level it out.

Absolutely no digging holes of any size. These fields are pasture lands for horses and holes break legs and kill horses.

Cell Reception

Cell reception is very limited at this venue, with most areas being dead-zones. Spotty, unreliable coverage with Telus, Bell, or Koodo is possible at the top of the hill by DPW’s camp. As a result it is important that you either print out your ticket or have the PDF saved onto your phone’s memory. Don’t count on being able to access an online version of your ticket at the gate!

Site Services

The only service available at Snug Lake will be ice sales and porta-potties. Please be prepared to be fully self-reliant for all other needs, including water, power, greywater and garbage.

Ice Sales

Thursday to Saturday
10am to 1pm and 7pm to 9pm

Price: $4/3kg bag. Cash only!!


If it doesn’t come out of your body do not put it in the porta-potty. Keep it clean for others and no candles please, use a flashlight.

Wildlife & Insects

Always be prepared for mosquitoes and bring insect repellent.

There may be wild honey bees onsite. They are friendly and typically don’t sting, but if you are allergic bring a CURRENT EPI-PEN and KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

Respecting our Hosts

We have a deep respect for our hosts and the land, and this is the foundation for our relationship with Snug Lake.

Respect the land, keep your site tidy and Leave No Trace.

Respect the people who live here; this is their home and they have welcomed us as their guests.

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