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BitF Ticket Sales

Burn in the Forest is a radically inclusive platform for participation, 100% volunteer run, where everyone contributes.

We require everyone to purchase a ticket, even our most senior volunteer crew, as a result we recognize participants’ contributions through access to a number of sales. There are 5 sales from which you can acquire a ticket, read carefully to see how you they might apply to you.


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Ticketing FAQ

For BitF 2022 there are a total of ~2000 tickets available. Here’s how they’re divided:

  • ~250 – Early volunteers
  • ~350 – Directed Tickets
  • ~1000 – Main Sale & Last Minute Sale
  • ~400 – Volunteer Recruitment Sale

These allocation amounts are just estimates, these are likely to change depending on a number of factors. We’ll do our best to keep these estimates up to date.

There’s no way for us to force you to, but we’re asking those who buy a ticket or two, to pledge to sign up to be a volunteer. Volunteer shifts are usually straight forward, have high impact, and allow you access to an early sale next year! We promise you’ll still have plenty of time to frolic and have fun.

The ticket has no restrictions on resale, but like all tickets they are non-refundable. If you do decide to let go of your Volunteer Recruitment Sale ticket be sure to let [email protected] know that you won’t be able to volunteer anymore.

No. This is an open sale. We sell until we run out.

The price for BitF 2022 Tickets are $195 + taxes + fees this year, and increase of $20 from the 2019 price

Yes. In the Main Sale & Volunteer Recruitment Sale you can purchase a maximum of two (2) tickets per order.

In the Last Minute Sale, you will only be able purchase one (1) ticket.

Please plan accordingly!


GVIAS membership is not required for any of the sales. GVIAS membership is a great way to get involved in helping grow the local Burning Man community, helping build the foundation that allows our events to take place.

GVIAS membership is required if you intend to apply for an art grant, but only the lead artist receiving the funds need apply.


The only tickets that are not transferable are Ticket Aid tickets and Caregiver tickets.

All other tickets are transferable right up to the day of the event, options to transfer your tickets are available in your Quicket Account. Instructions are here: How to transfer tickets to someone else.
That being said, don’t delay, support for ticket transfers isn’t available during the event, and the name on the ticket must match your government ID.




Even when you have a doctor’s certificate about said horn!

Persons with disabilities should contact us to make arrangements for themselves and their caregiver.  Contact us by email at: [email protected]

Tickets for children ages 6-12 and youth ages 13-18 are eligible for discounted tickets. Child, Youth & Infant tickets are available now, right up until the event.

Infants ages 0-4 are free, but we do require that you get a free infant ticket from the ticket purchase page.

Tickets: http://qkt.io/bitf2022

Yes, you can!

HOWEVER: we strongly advise you to use a laptop/desktop for a better user experience. These sales are time sensitive, and working with a larger screen and a consistent, dedicated internet connection may be more efficient and less stressful for you. Please use a recommended browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Find someone with a computer or smartphone and borrow theirs (or go to a Library!).  It should only take a few minutes to set yourself up.

Be aware that for the main sale you will need to use it to register and purchase your ticket. Be prepared by ensuring you’re logged in to your ticketing account and have your payment method ready.

Any tickets are left over from all previous sales will be made available in a Last Minute Sale.

The last minute sale will start August 28th @ 8pm and run until all tickets are sold out.

There will be no registration phase, this last batch will be open the public and you will need to purchase the ticket at checkout.

Only if you are accompanied by your parents/legal guardian.  You must be 19+ to go unaccompanied.

A limited number of Ticket Aid Ticket Sale tickets are being made available this year through a directed ticket program.

You can register for this program between Jun 26th to July 3rd.

Certified service animals with documentation are welcome.

Otherwise no.


Our sale does not have the same restriction as Burning Man’s. The same credit card can be used to make multiple purchases.

You are getting an error “Promotion code has already been used or is locked temporarily for an active checkout session” – here’s what’s going on: Whenever the purchase link with the code is opened, the code will lock for 30 minutes to allow enough time to enter your purchase information. You may be getting this error because you accidentally closed your browser window, or something else happened to close your current session. Do not panic, just wait for 30 minutes and try the link again.

There is no restrictions on purchasing tickets across multiple sales. We understand you’re likely buying for friends and family, so we do not cross-check for similar names or credit cards.

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