Questions about 2020 Dates

Dates: What is changing for 2020?

For 2020, BitF has been extended by one day, so it begins on Wednesday, July 15th instead of Thursday as in previous years. This means all participants are welcome beginning at 10 am on Wednesday, July 15th.

The event will still end on Sunday, July 19th at 2 pm. Theme camps and large art will need to be off site by Sunday, July 19th at 5 pm.

This year, the Effigy Ceremony/Burn will be on Friday night, and the Temple Ceremony/Burn will be on Saturday night. Sound camps will be asked to shut down at 2 am on Saturday night so that participants can be ready to pack up and pack out on Sunday morning.

Will the Effigy Burn be on Friday this year?

YES! The Production Team has received feedback from theme camps and artists regarding the difficulty of packing up by Sunday. As we are unable to extend the event to Monday, we have opted to move the Effigy Ceremony (which will include a burn if weather and safety approval permit) to Friday night.

Theme Camps have the option of starting to pack up on Saturday, or waiting until Sunday.

Will the Temple Ceremony be on Saturday night?

YES! We will be inviting artists to submit a proposal for a Temple and a Temple Ceremony. This may or may not include a burn depending on the artist’s vision, weather, and safety.

Why not extend the event until Monday?

After receiving input from the community, the Production Team felt we had a mandate to extend BitF by only one day to ensure we are growing the event in a sustainable manner. We chose to start on Wednesday instead of our previous start date of Thursday.

The possibility of extending until Monday was discussed; and it was felt that most people wouldn’t want to take time off across two separate work weeks. It was also apparent that some core volunteers would not be able to stay until Monday (Tuesday for LNT.)

What about theme camps and art projects that have more involved tear-down needs? Is there really no way they can get extra time?

Theme camps and art projects will have until 5 pm on Sunday to vacate, 3 hours longer than the general Exodus time.

Saturday night will be the temple ceremony night, which we expect to be a bit more mellow. In addition there will be no amplified sound allowed past 2 am on Saturday night. It’s our hope that this will allow theme camp members to get an early start with tear-down on Sunday morning and get out on time.

If you feel your project will be unable to get packed up and out by 5 pm, then please email [email protected] with an explanation of why and how much time you need.  We may not be able to accommodate your request, but we’d like to hear your feedback so that we can better understand the challenges large theme camps and art projects are facing.

Why was the date announcement so late?

We can’t announce dates until we have a signed contract with a venue.  This happened in January this year, in part because we were asked at the visioning town hall to research other venues.  We do hope to get a contract squared away much sooner for next year.