Our home is located on the Fraser River (Sto:lo) which is the major river in the lower mainland.

River Levels

Although the river levels fluctuate throughout the season, the volume of the river means that changes occur over days and weeks, not hours. Historic flooding (which has happened 3 times over the last 70 years) occurs in years of significant snowpack, and presents a risk to local homeowners who live behind dykes – not to campers or BITF: we will have days of notice to move our gear if the river is rising.

The riverbed adjacent to the site dries up in June-July, so that it can be walked upon for many hundreds of meters. If the river levels are sufficiently low, we intend to place the effigy, fire performance area, and overflow parking all on the exposed bed.


The Fraser River is faster-moving like the Squamish River, with significant currents. All swimming is done at your own risk (BITF has no lifeguards), and we encourage you to instead use the spring-fed swimming hole which is on the dry riverbed adjacent to the site, and will hopefully be revealed with sufficient river level droppage before the event. If you have small children, ensure that they are aware of river risks.