Please read this overview of site specific info. Lots of critical info about our new home!

The Grounds

  • Trees are mostly on the slopes – bring shade and don’t plan to suspend things.
  • There is a lake that is stocked with fish. Fishing will NOT be permitted during our event.
  • Swimming will be AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will not have Lifeguards on duty.

Insects and Wildlife

Come prepared; repellents with DEET are effective, and cream-based products don’t sweat off so quickly.

Mosquito coils are useful in enclosed spaces, and mesh jackets, pants and hats are also effective. After-Bite helps calm the itching. Keep bugs out of your tent by keeping all zippers closed! There may be some wild bees and wasps onsite; if you are allergic, bring a current Epi-pen and know how to use it. Honeybees are gentle and do not typically sting people.

While ticks are common in the Interior Health region, most are the wood tick species which do not carry the Lyme disease bacteria. Read more on this here Info on ticks in BC


  • No garbage/recycling onsite…Pack it in, Pack it out. Like Burning Man!
  • Potable water is NOT available onsite.
  • Take extra care with generators on this site, or consider leaving them at home. Use spill prevention when refuelling.

Respecting our Hosts

  • The foundation of our relationship with all of our hosts is respect for the land…keep your site tidy and Leave No Trace!
  • Respect the people; there are people who live on the property. This is their home and they are welcoming us.
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