In negotiating with the Cheam and their representatives, it has become clear that Burners and the Cheam share many common Principles, particularly for gifting, expression, and respect for our homes.

Respect the Land

The foundation of our relationship with the Sto:lo is respect for the land. If we treat it as our own home – as we always have at Burn In The Forest – then we honour everyone involved. Let’s keep our site tidy, and leave no trace. We may do some light “pruning” to clear our campsite, but don’t cut any trees. If we must bring a generator, ensure that we spill no fuel, etc. And not to be forgotten – let’s take care of ourselves on this land.

Respect the Hosts

There is a Sto:lo caretaker who has been on the site for 40 years, and will be present throughout the weekend. Feel free to ask him for stories about the property!

A few members of the Cheam band council may visit for a scheduled, guided tour. We have also asked them for a welcome performance and perhaps a workshop on their culture – more on this later. Please join in!

A handful of Sto:lo fishermen will use the boat launch throughout the weekend. They are only passing through the site to the riverbed, and will be escorted to and from the launch by BITF staff.

There is a trading post near the site entrance, where local Cheam will have fresh local fruits, vegetables, and salmon, as well as camping supplies. We can support our hosts in their livelihood by purchasing the trading post, or using their garbage drop-off service outside the grounds when we leave.

Explore the Land

This is not Squamish Valley, this is new ground for all Citizens… please explore and utilize the space fully, and have fun here. Think of awesome ideas that you would like to see next year, when we have more time to plan in the space!

The Fraser (Sto:lo) River
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