Are you interested in helping out for BitF 2018??  Awesome!!  Please fill out this survey if you are interested in being an Associate Producer or a Team Lead:

  • What does being a Team Lead entail?
    Team Leads assemble in April/May/June and work with the Production Team to plan the work of their group, and to lead the Crew teams onsite. (more content coming soon)
  • What does being an Associate Producer entail?
    (content coming soon)
  • What’s the selection process?
    (content coming soon)


  • Ambassadors – The ambassador program has BitF veterans wandering the site during the event, greeting new Citizens, giving them tips on what to do and where to find things, and informing them of what makes Burning Man culture a shade different from a “standard” festival. Ambassador Leads plan the information to be provided, and schedule / manage the ambassadors during the event.
  • Gate The Gate Leads schedule and manage the Crew that mans the Gate, deals with Tickets and Waivers, and provides WWWs and useful information for inbound Citizens.
  • Parking Working closely with the Gate and Placement Teams, the Parking Team ensures that vehicles are parked in appropriate areas, and that vehicles are taken off the site quickly once unloading is complete. This pod is led by the Parking Leads.
  • Onsite Placement – Placement Leads schedule and manage the the Placers, who work in close coordination with the Gate and Parking Teams to help show inbound Citizens where there camps are, and to help expedite getting cars up to the parking lots once unloaded.
  • Fire Safety We need two types of Fire Safety Leads: Leads with fire dance safety experience, who will schedule and manage the fire tech/safety Crew for fire spinners, and Leads with understanding of how to fight fires and how to manage structural fires, who will be the key Fire people for the effigy burn.
  • DPW – DPW Builds all of the event infrastructure, and tears it down. The DPW leads manage the Crew who does this.
  • Commissary : The Commissary Crew coordinate with our caterer to bring food onsite for the hungry Crew, and put out tables and serving utensils for the meals. The Leads schedule and manage the Commissary Crew.
  • WWWWe need a co-lead to assist the WWW editor in finding photos for the WWW, and in chasing down artists, theme camps, and other providers of information for the WWW.
  • Greeter Leads: These leads schedule the theme camp greeter shifts and coordinate with the theme camps to ensure that the shifts are covered.

-Your Burn in the Forest 2018 Production team 🙂