Low Income Ticket

After a careful review of the low income ticket program from past years, the Systems and Ticketing team have revised the program to simplify the process by which one acquires a low income ticket.

This year, all accepted low income ticket applicants will have access to a directed ticket. There are a limited number of low income tickets, application period will only be open for 2 weeks:
March 22nd to March 30th

What is a directed ticket?

A directed ticket is a ticket that is set aside for you to purchase. If you are accepted into the program, you will have until June 11th to purchase your ticket, otherwise your ticket will be forfeit.

How much is the low income directed ticket?

This will still be determined

Can I transfer / sell my low income ticket?

No. Low income tickets are not transferable.

Can I get a refund for my low income ticket?

Yes, this is the only type of ticket that is refundable. The ticket vendor applies has a 10% refund fee, this refund fee will be passed on to you.

How do I qualify for a Low Income Ticket?

Visit this page between April 1st (Noon) to April 14th (Noon) to find the application form.

We do not require / accept tax returns or income statements, but we will ask you to demonstrate need through a written submission.

Also, as a second part of your low income ticket application, we will require an accompanying submission art piece. This piece may be a poem, picture, photograph etc;  something that shows who you are and what makes you, you.

If we receive more submissions than there are low income tickets available, we will use both of these submission parts as the criteria for who will receive a ticket.

I will be getting a ticket as a part of my volunteer, theme camp or artist role; can I get my directed ticket at a low income ticket price?

If you want a low income ticket, this process is the only way to receive a ticket at this price.

The directed ticket you receive from the low income ticket program is only directed ticket you will receive at this price.

Directed tickets received as a part as a volunteer, theme camp or artist role are all issued at full price.