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PSA #6 Directed Tickets for Volunteers and Production folks
April 9, 2017

***NOTE: This is for Directed Tickets for Production and folks who already have a key BitF 2017 role. Emails and instructions…

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WWW Guide and BurnerConnect
April 6, 2017

From Gary Lee (WWW Guide Lead): This year we are taking a giant leap forward in innovation and data management. We…

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Burn in the Forest Medium Art Grants are now open!
April 3, 2017

This art grant round is for Medium grants up to $500 and Refurbishment grants (returning projects) up to $250. Applications are…

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Friendly PSA #3: Advance and Directed tickets for BitF 2017
March 31, 2017

In case you missed the first two PSAs, have not found an email from BitF 2017, and volunteered at GVIAS events…

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BitF Town Hall is Monday March 27 at 7 PM
March 26, 2017

A reminder to everyone that the BitF Town Hall will be held tomorrow, Monday March 27 at 7 PM at Trout…

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Advance and Directed Ticket Sale Email List
March 21, 2017

Friendly PSA #3 – Celebration time!! Whoo-hoo everyone, we’re up to ~77% open rate for the Advance and Directed Ticket Sale…

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