Citizen Participation is what sets BITF apart!

On top of the 10 guiding Principles that shape burner events, the most significant difference between a “typical” festival, and Burning Man Regional events like BitF, is the level of citizen participation. Whereas at most commercial events, you pay your admission and in exchange become a spectator for whatever entertainment the producers have prepared for you, at BITF all activities, stages, theme camps, workshops, art, and performances are independently produced by BITF citizens and offered free of charge for the benefit of the other citizens.


The beautiful tapestry of citizen contributions is what makes BITF special. Citizens dedicate their effort and time to the things that they are passionate about, then build them, bring them, and let the others experience this amazing gift. The BITF experience is the sum of a thousand citizens’ passions, laid out for all to experience, like a fantasy carnival midway. Hard to imagine? Here are some of the passions that citizens have shared in the past:

  • Building a Giant Jolly Jumper

  • Assembling a live music stage and lounge where BITF performers can play

  • “Bubble Stations” where citizens can create enormous bubbles!

  • Offering a workshop on self-hypnosis, non-violent communication, or basic bondage techniques

  • Killer DJ sets, live musical performances, acting, and spoken word

  • A “Hug Deli” where citizens can select from a menu of creative hugs

  • Our famous Slip-n-Slide!

  • Pyrotechnic artworks and fire spinning performances

The most rewarding way to experience BITF is to create something that stokes your passions, and share it with all of us! You can DIY and be your own rockstar, or collaborate and create lasting connections with other citizens!



Be the Crew!

We need citizens to join our crew to help set up, do shifts on gate or Rangers etc.  Please check out our Be The Crew page.

Lead a Theme Camp with your friends.

Theme camps are the heart of Burn In The Forest – part sleeping spot and oasis for yourself and your friends, part public interactive hub where others can enjoy your theme! Theme camps offer games, events, workshops, parties, art, good company, anything your little heart can imagine! Theme camps are placed by priority of how interactive and awesome they are – please apply here.

Create an art installation.

We would love to see your art at BitF. Do you have some art sitting in your back yard? If you need an art grant please see the art grant page.  If you are bringing your art, please fill in the placement form for artworks.

Host a Workshop or Events

Do you have a skill or knowledge that you would like to teach? Do you have a cool event you want other people to know about? Workshops and events are fun and interactive ways of giving back. Please let us know about your workshop or event here.


Some might say that BitF is one big performance as you express yourself in ways your haven’t before. Performance helps us to tap into and try on parts of ourselves that we have lost or never knew we had.  Performances can happen anywhere – they also can happen through scheduled times. Camps that feature live performance are waiting for your talents.  If you would like us to connect you with camps where you can perform live (not DJ), click here. If you want to DJ on the main stage, try here. If you are interested in performing in the Saturday fire show, click here.


Anything can be a gift all that is required is thinking about what someone else needs or would appreciate from you.  Sometimes going around with food is the best gift ever !!  Especially when you are hungry in the middle of the night and need some energy.  Give a helping hand, the best gift is you.


Q: Do I need to register my camp, performance, workshop, or event?

A: Only in the following circumstances:

  • If you want your theme camp or art to be “placed” (get reserved space and be shown as an official theme campin our WWW). You can always just come and camp, but it is first-come first served and there is no guarantee that there will be room with all of your friends.

  • If you want your happening, art, or camp to appear in our What Where When Guide

  • If you want to DJ on the Main Stage

  • If you have a large work of art that you’re bringing (>10′ x 10′)

  • If your Art has a fire component

In all other circumstances, please feel free to coordinate yourself. Workshops, events, and DJ or other performances can be arranged with camps that have suitable gear & space. A good place to coordinate these is our Facebook Group or Facebook Event Page.