Theme & Sound Camps

Theme and Sound Camps are groups who provide an interactive experience that helps to build the texture of our temporary community. Through the provision of activities, venues, and other participatory efforts, Camps provide one of the biggest reasons for Burn in the Forest to be.

How Can I Contribute as a Theme Camp?

One of the main ways to contribute to Burn in the Forest is by creating a Theme Camp that aligns with the event’s values and principles, usually around inclusivity and interactivity.

Whether you create a chill dome, performance space, sound stage, a fancy lounge, or any other unique idea, your camp can provide an exciting and distinct experience for participants.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will help create a vibrant and engaging community to explore within the event. The goal of Burn in the Forest is to support your creative, interactive, or interesting ideas, which is why we bring together a community of experts and doers who can provide on-the-ground and financial support to help bring your vision to life. So bring your ideas and let’s build an unforgettable community together at Burn in the Forest!

How Am I Supported?


To help support your activities or build, the GVIAS Art Grant Committee generously donates tens of thousands of dollars a year to participants.

They offer art grants to artiststheme campssound camps and those who are in need of transportation for their projects.


If you’re bringing infrastructure beyond the typical camping gear or want to be featured in the event guide, a placement application is required. This allows our team to provide support in case of unforeseen issues, ensure safety, and enhance the beauty and inclusivity of the event space.

Grant & Placement

If you’re looking for a grant, for any artistic endeavours in your theme camp, take this route, it’s easier!

After your grant application we’ll redirect you back to the BitF placement form (for you to complete) but with all common information copied over.

Grants & Placement

Placement Only

Don’t need a grant?

Great, this path is for people who just need placement for their theme camp or soundcamp at the event!

Placement Only

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