Centre Camp Creation Lead Application

BitF 2023 is currently seeking a Centre Camp Creation Lead!

Have a Vision?

Remember Centre Camp? If your answer is “not really”, let this be the year that YOU change that!

Centre Camp! It’s a real thing!

What is Centre Camp? A place where the community can gather to connect, find information, attend workshops, and lounge in the shade.
What will this year’s Centre Camp include? Acculturation Committee table, Volunteer check-in/sign up area, Lost & Found, Info Board, + whatever else YOU would like to add to this space (lounge area? Performance space?
Gifting table? What would YOU like to see here?)

What we can provide structurally? If you are interested in creating a brand new space, please reach out with your idea. We also potentially have access to an overlarge shade structure that can use some fancying up, like a base to start with. Your choice!

If interested, please complete the attached application no later than May 1st @ 11:59 PM PDT

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