Burn in the Forest has a rich history of live music, DJing, acting, spoken word, improv, and other wonderful human spectacles to behold! Theme camps may host single or multiple events with amplified sound and placement will be determined by the size of the sound system and days/times of the events. Sound plays an important role in creating a fun, interactive event for all participants. However, sound can also negatively impact other forms of art so PA’s may only be used during permitted days/times.

The 2019 “Sound Policy” is currently being updated, and changes will be made.

Theme / Sound Camps

All theme camps (including “sound camps”) must register for placement and directed tickets.
Please complete the section on “Sound” in the theme camp application as accurately as possible.

Based on feedback from 2019, a maximum of six Sound Camps will be approved for placement at BITF 2020.

Register as a Theme Camp

Sound Stage Grants

GVIAS is offering grants for the production and operation of sound stages at Burn in the Forest. Sound stages may be live music, DJs, or both. They must be open to all BITF citizens and operate daily. Grant applications for Sound Stages for Burn in the Forest 2020 close on April 13th, 2020 at 11:59 pm. Please visit the GVIAS website for details regarding grant processes and eligibility.

Apply for a Sound Stage Grant


Please feel free to contact the Sound Lead, Kyle, at any time with questions or comments: [email protected]