BitF is a purely volunteer organized and created event – thank YOU for being part of it!

Why Should I Volunteer?

Burn in the Forest is built on the Ten Principles of Burning Man. One of the Principles is Gifting. Gifting is less about trinkets, and more about sharing your time and energy. Nothing will cement your experience as a part of this community – particularly if you’re new or don’t recognize many faces – more than being part of the Crew. Seriously! Maximum participation is what makes this event work the way it does. Other Principles realized by the Crew include: Communal Effort, Participation and Immediacy.

More specific callouts will be made in the coming months, in the meantime, indicate your interest in the General Volunteer Application form.

Yes, I want to Volunteer!

Volunteer Roles

There are so many ways to volunteer at BitF! If you like being boots on the ground at the event and being in the middle of all the action, then check out these roles.


The Flow Team is all about safely and efficiently getting in/out of the event in the most FUN way possible! They are the lovely/surly people who will greet you at the gate, get you sorted out for parking and direct you to your camp.

Volunteers needed in: Greeters, Gate, Parking, Accessibility, Signage

Principles realized by the Flow Team include Communal Effort, Gifting, Civic Responsibility and Participation.


Safety third! But seriously, we need folks to make sure we don’t test the fine print on the back of your ticket (“you might die”), Civic Responsibility is a key part of making BitF safe, fun, and able to get insurance.

Responsible people are needed in the following areas: Rangers, Harm Reduction


The Department of Public Works are the folks who show up early and stay late. They get their hands dirty making sure we have infrastructure in place to do all the things we love to do! If laying wire, bushwacking, fixing a gennie or wielding a belt full of tools sounds like a dreamy way to spend your day, this is your Crew!

We need hard-working humans in the following teams: Advance Site Prep, Placement, LNT, Power, Site Setup, Teardown, Transport, Exodus, Quartermaster


If you’re a people person, this is your team! Serving food at the Commissary to other volunteers, giving out info at the Volunteer Hub, and rocking out the Partici-party and Volunteer Appreciation BBQ, this is a surefire way to appreciate and be appreciated by your fellow Volunteer Crew!

Acculturation Ambassadors

The Acculturation Ambassadors are part of the culture committee. They are friendly folks with a few burns under their belts who can tell you the Ten Principles by heart and which one(s) have the most meaning to them. They roam the land, dispensing wisdom, snark, and that tasty, tasty Burner kool-aid, helping to create the vibe we love about burning, encouraging participation, inspiration, consent culture, creativity and positivity.


This is basically set dec, but at a burn! The Foundations team is responsible for making sure things look beautiful, weird, trippy and all around amazing. If you’ve got an eye for design, and want a chance to practice the Principles of Radical Self-expression, Gifting, Communal Effort and Leave No Trace, check out the Foundations Team!

Volunteers are needed for: Centre Camp and Temple Guardians.

Volunteer Recognition

Participation is a key element of having a good burn, we all contribute to making BitF the magical, weird, wonderful event that it is! Being part of the team that built it, decorated it, made things flow, and cleaned up when it’s all over, it is an amazing feeling to be able to say, “I helped make this!” Volunteering is a great way to meet people, to learn new skills, to refresh forgotten knowledge, practice the Ten Principles, and to give back to our community.

And we love to appreciate and recognize our volunteers! If you volunteer 4-19 hours over the year (at Burn in the Forest**, Dustcovery and/or Recharge), you qualify to participate in the advance ticket sale*. Volunteering 20+ hours means that you’re eligible for a directed ticket*, no stressing out about the main sale!

At BitF, volunteers get swag, a little gift of thanks for the hard work they do, delicious commissary meals are provided, and after it’s all over, we host a Volunteer Appreciation BBQ in Vancouver, so you can decompress and reconnect with your BitF Volunteer homies.

Burners LOVE volunteers, and the rewards are endless

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