There is running potable water (service from Agassiz) available on site; bring vessels to contain it, but no bottled water is required.

Grey Water

From http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/notrace.html

“Any washing activities should take place at least 200 feet from natural water sources. Soap should be phosphate free and biodegradable. Lakes and streams may be a source of drinking water. Help protect the delicate balance of the water system.”

Garbage and Recycling

There are no garbage/recycling collection bins onsite…Pack it in, Pack it out. Like Burning Man. Please plan to bring garbage bags and bins, unlike in previous years, and enough room in your vehicle to leave with your garbage!

There will be a garbage collection point, operated by the Cheam First Nation, outside the event site at a location that will be announced closer to the event. Consider supporting them for $3-5 per bag, and skip taking it home with you?


BITF is best experienced off-grid; if you do require power and you don’t have batteries/renewables but only generators, make sure they are quiet, or muffled, as the trees won’t hide the noise as they did at SVC. Take extra care when refuelling; generators should be placed on a tarp of other spillage prevention, particularly on the hay field.


The Cheam First Nation will operate a trading post a few km from the event entrance, which will have fresh local fruit and vegetables, fresh salmon, and other locally harvested food and other supplies, ice, camping gear, bug repellent, sunscreen, etc. Please consider supporting these locals as this is their livelihood (and the food tastes waaaaay better than Superstore!)

Note that you must bring all supplies with you; no in-and-outs are permitted to get supplies from the trading post or other locations.

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