Please read this overview of site specific info. Lots of critical info about our new home!

The Grounds

  • Trees are mostly on the slopes – bring shade and don’t plan to suspend things.
  • There is a lake that is stocked with fish. Fishing will NOT be permitted during our event.
  • Swimming will be AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will not have Lifeguards on duty.

Insects and Wildlife

  • Always be prepared for mosquitoes. Bring DEET, coils, citronella, screens.
  • There may be wild honey bees onsite. They are friendly and typically don’t sting, but if you are allergic bring a CURRENT EPI-PEN and KNOW HOW TO USE IT!


  • No garbage/recycling onsite…Pack it in, Pack it out. Like Burning Man!
  • Potable water is NOT available onsite.
  • Take extra care with generators on this site, or consider leaving them at home. Use spill prevention when refuelling.

Respecting our Hosts

  • The foundation of our relationship with all of our hosts is respect for the land…keep your site tidy and Leave No Trace!
  • Respect the people; there are people who live on the property. This is their home and they are welcoming us.
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