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Last Minute Sale

  • Sale: June 30th 2019 @ 9 PM PDT
  • One (1) ticket available per purchase
  • Sale Page

Directed Tickets (Ongoing)

  • Sale Ends: June 29th @11:59:59 PM PDT

Child and Youth Tickets (Ongoing)

Ticket Information for 2019

This is the official source for all information related to Burn in the Forest tickets.

Burn in the Forest is a a platform for participation, 100% volunteer run, where everyone contributes.

We require everyone to purchase a ticket, even our most senior volunteer crew, as a result we recognize participants’ contributions through access to a number of sales. There are 5 sales from which you can acquire a ticket, read carefully to see how you they might apply to you.

Check back here for registration and application dates for what to do next!

BitF Ticket Sales
  • Low Income Ticket Sale

    Low Income Ticket Sale

    Applications: March 31st – April 14th

    Sale Opens: April 23rd

    Low Income Tickets are reserved for participants on a limited income who cannot otherwise afford a regular-priced ticket. An application for Low Income Tickets must be made and approved to be eligible for one of these tickets.

    • A limited number of 50% discounted tickets are made available to those who would like to apply for the low income ticket program.
    • These tickets are reserved for participants on a limited income who cannot otherwise afford our regular price tickets.
    • One (1) ticket will be made available per applicant.
    • Those who want to apply must demonstrate need in their application. This application is kept strictly confidential.
    • If your Low Income Ticket Sale application is accepted you will be contacted regarding a ticket.
    • Low Income Ticket Sale tickets are non-transferrable and are available by application only.
    • If your Low Income Ticket application is accepted, you will be notified by or on April 23rd.

  • Directed Ticket Sale

    Directed Ticket Sale

    Sale: Opens April 23rd

    Big art, theme camps, art cars, and other collaborations take a concerted effort from our community. Directed Tickets are full-priced tickets made available to individuals and groups to help them in bringing these elements to the event.

    • A large portion of tickets are set aside as Directed Tickets to ensure that participants with significant infrastructure and contributions can take part.
    • The Directed Ticket program is open to theme camps, artist and volunteers who get involved early.
    • The number of Directed Tickets made available to each contributor will vary depending on the individual or group’s need.
    • The deadline for Artist submission Directed Tickets is April 15th, 2019 at 11:59:59PM PDT.
    • The deadline for Theme Camp submission Directed Tickets April 22nd, 2019 at 11:59:59PM PDT.
    • Directed Tickets are full-price tickets.

  • Past Volunteer Advance Sale

    Past Volunteer Advance Sale

    Sale: May 5th – May 11th

    Participation is a core value and essential for this event. A limited number of full-priced are made available to those who have volunteered with GVIAS over the past calendar year.

    • A limited number of tickets are made available to past volunteers in a sale ahead of the main sale.
    • One (1) ticket will be made available per past volunteer
    • Past Volunteer Advanced Sale tickets are made available to those who have volunteers between four (4) and nineteen (19) hours with GVIAS over the past year.
    • In order to be eligible for a Past Volunteer Advance Sale ticket your volunteer hours must have been tracked within the ‘Volcor’ system.
    • If you have enough volunteer hours in Volcor you will automatically receive a special code by email with instructions on how to participate in this sale. The code will arrive one (1) week ahead of the sale.
    • Please ensure the email you have registered with your volunteer coordinator is up to date.
    • Past Volunteer Advance Sale Tickets are full-priced tickets.

  • Main Sale

    Main Sale

    Registration: April 28th – May 11th

    Sale: May 12th

    The full-priced Main Sale begins on May 12th, 2019 at 9PM PDT. You must register for this sale in advance, and tickets go fast so please ensure you’re prepared for the sale when it starts. Good luck!

    • The Main Sale opens on Sunday, May 12, 2019 at 9PM PDT.
    • In order to purchase a ticket in the Main Sale you MUST register on this site between the dates of April 28th, 2019 and May 11th, 2019 at 11:59:59PM PDT
    • Once registered, you will immediately receive a code via email that will be eligible for the Main Sale on May 12th, 2019. Please follow instructions closely. We recommend bookmarking the link in your email for easy access when the Main Sale begins.
    • The opportunity to purchase Two (2) Main Sale tickets will be made available to each person who registered during the registration period.
    • Main Sale tickets are available first come, first served while supplies last and are not guaranteed.
    • During the Main Sale both Child and Teen tickets will be hidden to prevent them from being added to cart. These tickets will be made available later in the week, so please don’t worry about buying them right away.
    • The Main Sale sells out immediately. Please ensure you register prior to the start of the Main Sale, and that you are on-time when tickets go on sale.
    • Main Sale tickets are full-priced tickets.

  • Last Minute Sale

    Last Minute Sale

    Sale on June 30th

    A small portion of full-priced Last Minute Sale tickets will go on sale on June 30th, 2019 at 9PM PDT. If you have not acquired a ticket before this time, this may be your opportunity to purchase one and join the event.

    • All remaining tickets will be made available on June 30th, 2019, at 9PM PDT.
    • One (1) ticket may be purchased per person during the Last Minute Sale
    • The Last Minute Sale is an open sale with no registration required.
    • The Last Minute Sale opens on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 9PM PDT.
    • This sale runs until all remaining tickets are sold.
    • Last Minute Sale tickets are full-priced tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Ticketing Information

How many tickets are available this year?

For BitF 2019 there are a total of 1500 tickets available. Here’s how they’re divided:

  • ~250 – Early volunteers
  • ~600 – Directed Tickets
  • ~650 – Main Sale

We’ve kept the same allocation as last year based on the success of that event.  We’ll review increasing the event size after we see how the new location works along community input.

How much are tickets?

The price for BitF 2019 Tickets are $170, an increase from last year by $10.

Why? A few reasons: we’ve increased art grants significantly to help develop our artist community and we have included a transportation grant to help camps and art projects make it the longer trip to our new location.

Is there a limit to the numbers of participant tickets I can purchase?

Yes. In the Main Sale you can purchase a maximum of two (2) tickets per order.

In the Last Minute Sale, you will only be able purchase one (1) ticket.

Please plan accordingly!

I got impaled by a Unicorn horn. Can I get a refund?


Even when you have a doctor’s certificate about said horn!

I am in a wheelchair and will be with my caregiver. What is the ticketing policy?

Persons with disabilities should contact us to make arrangements for themselves and their caregiver.  Contact us by email at: [email protected]

Can I bring my children?

Tickets for children ages 6-12 and youth ages 13-18 are eligible for discounted tickets. These tickets will be made available one week after the opening of the Main Sale. No registration is required to acquire these tickets, they will be made available right up until the event.

Infants ages 0-4 are free, but we do require that you get a free infant ticket from the ticket purchase page http://qkt.io/bitf2019

Can I use my smartphone or tablet device to purchase tickets?

Yes, you can!

HOWEVER: we strongly advise you to use a laptop/desktop for a better user experience. These sales are time sensitive, and working with a larger screen and a consistent, dedicated internet connection may be more efficient and less stressful for you. Please use a recommended browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

I don’t have access to a computer. What should I do?

Find someone with a computer or smartphone and borrow theirs (or go to a Library!).  It should only take a few minutes to set yourself up.

Be aware that for the main sale you will need to use it to register and purchase your ticket. Be prepared by ensuring you’re logged in to your ticketing account and have your payment method ready.

Will there be a second round of ticket sales?

Any tickets are left over from all previous sales will be made available in a Last Minute Sale.

The last minute sale will start June 30th and run until all tickets are sold out.

There will be no registration phase, this last batch will be open the public and you will need to purchase the ticket at checkout.

I’m still in elementary school. Can I go?

Only if you are accompanied by your parents/legal guardian.  You must be 19+ to go unaccompanied.

What if I can’t afford a participant ticket?

A limited number of Low Income Ticket Sale tickets are being made available this year through a directed ticket program.

You can register for this program between March 31st to April 14th 2019.

More information can be found here: http://burnintheforest.com/low-income-ticket

Can I bring my dog?

Certified service animals with documentation are welcome.

Otherwise no.

Do I need to use a unique credit card for each purchase?


Our sale does not have the same restriction as Burning Man’s. The same credit card can be used to make multiple purchases.

My code does not work!

You are getting an error “Promotion code has already been used or is locked temporarily for an active checkout session” – here’s what’s going on: Whenever the purchase link with the code is opened, the code will lock for 30 minutes to allow enough time to enter your purchase information. You may be getting this error because you accidentally closed your browser window, or something else happened to close your current session. Do not panic, just wait for 30 minutes and try the link again.

If I’ve already bought a ticket in another sale, am I restricted from buying another ticket in a different sale?

There is no restrictions on purchasing tickets across multiple sales. We understand you’re likely buying for friends and family, so we do not cross-check for similar names or credit cards.

Main Sale

Why is there is a registration step?

Registration is a part of our process because we want to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at getting a ticket, and that those who truly want to go can go. Registration ensures we limit the sale to those who have had the forethought and intention of coming.

The registration step also allows us to plan for what kind of servers we need to facilitate the sale. Be warned that Main Sale tickets will sell out. Please be on time if you intend to purchase a ticket!

Should I register ahead of time?

Yes. Registration closes  Saturday, May 11 at 23:59:59 PDT (the day before the Main Sale)

Is there any advantage in registering more than once?

No. In-fact, you’ll be at a disadvantage trying to use multiple accounts to make purchases, as tickets will go almost instantly.  Last year, all of our Main Sale tickets sold in the first two minutes.

How can I pay for this?

You must have a valid credit card to buy your ticket.  We recommend only VISA or Mastercard; American Express cards have been reported to have caused problems in the past.

I don’t have a credit card. Do you accept a cheque?


Also, no cash, sexual favours, bonded labour contracts nor first born children.

Not enough of our key project leads or volunteers have gotten a ticket. What can I do?

Directed tickets have been made available for event organization leads, art projects receiving GVIAS grants, and placed theme camps. You will be contacted directly by our registration team if your name was submitted. For further questions, please email [email protected]

Arriving at Gate

Do I need to bring my paper ticket?

We encourage you to download the ticket onto your smartphone, however if this is not feasible bring a hard-copy. This will be surrendered at the gate and recycled. LEAVE NO TRACE!

Do I need to bring a picture id ?

Yes. Government issued picture identification is absolutely required for anyone over the age of 19 to enter Burn in The Forest. Please ensure that the ticket you are holding at gate matches the name on your identification.

Is it true that the name on the ticket has to match my government issued id?

Yes. This helps us ensure you’ve understood the risks attending Burn in the Forest before arriving.

Transfers and Refunds

What happens if the event is postponed or cancelled? What is the refund policy?

If the event is postponed, all tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event.  If you can’t make it that day, you will be entitled to a full refund. You will also get a full refund if we cancel the event.

My car broke down on the way there. Can I get a refund?


I can’t come to the event. Can I transfer the ticket to a somebody else?

We are sorry to hear that  you cannot make it, but the good news is that you can transfer your ticket.  This feature is built into the Quicket system.

To transfer your ticket to a friend, login with your Quicket account, find your ticket and click the “transfer ticket” link.

The person you have transferred the ticket will need to provide their personal details through a form and accept the waiver before the ticket becomes available to them. As stated in the purchase phase their name must be that of their official government issued ID.

You should complete your ticket transfer by Wednesday, July 17th, at 11:59:59 PM PDT. While it is still technically possible to transfer after that, we can not guarantee your ticket transfer beyond that date.

Please confirm the destination email. Let us say it again: Be 1000% sure about the recipient email address that you are transferring the ticket to. If an incorrect email address is submitted, the ticket will disappear into the void and the Registration Team will not be able to help you!

Directed Ticketing

I’ve been told I have a directed ticket. Do I need to go through registration?

No, if you have confirmed that you will have access to a Directed Ticket you do not need to register or  participate in the Main Sale this year.