Last Minute Sale – TBA

Whatever remains from all the other sales will get thrown into this sale. No registration is required for this sale, it’s a free for all, the max is 1 ticket per purchase. This sale will be open until all tickets are sold. VISIT THE PURCHASE PAGE ON SALE DAY, THIS PAGE WILL LIKELY GO DOWN.


Other Sales

Low Income Ticket (TBA)

Information on low income tickets can be obtained has changed. Please visit the following link for more information: Low income ticket sale information


Directed Ticket Sale – TBA

(Directed ticket links for Art and Theme Camps will be emailed on or before TBA)

Directed tickets are made available to theme camp leads, art project leads, GVIAS Board and Committee members, GVIAS event production volunteers, and volunteers who give more than 19 hours of their time to GVIAS events in an annual event cycle (BitF, Dustcovery, ReCharge). A directed ticket is a guaranteed ticket, which you still have to pay for, for yourself, or you and your compadres who are needed to get your project to BitF. Directed tickets are allocated as required, and instructions how to acquired them will be sent to you directly. If you are a theme camp lead and want to be considered for directed tickets, you need to complete your application before April 15th at 11:59 PM PDT.

Past Volunteer Sale – Sale Opens TBA

If you have volunteered between 4 and 19 hours at GVIAS events over the past year, and those hours have been recorded by the event organizers, you are eligible for an early access sale. There are a limited number of tickets in this sale, it’s traditionally never sold out, but this year we have had a record number of volunteers. You will be contacted via email by our Volunteer team on how to participate. Sale closes TBA!

Main Sale – TBA

Other Important Information

  • Our ticket infrastructure supports ticket transferring up to nearly right before the event.
    The transferring of funds and finding tickets on the secondary market is completely your responsibility!!
    Here are some community solutions we’re aware of that may be of some help
  • BitF 2019 Ticket Exchange/Rideshare
    This is a self-serve community created shared Google Doc that has been very useful in the past to connect folks looking for / offering tickets & rides.
    This list was not created by, nor is it managed in any official BitF capacity, and is therefore not a waiting list.
    See spreadsheet:


PLEASE REPORT SCALPING TO: [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tickets are available this year?

~1500 is the total number of tickets available.

  • 250 – Early volunteers
  • 500- – Directed Tickets
  • 650 – Main Sale

This is a 300 ticket increase from last year. The community feels that given our increase in volunteer participation level and transition to a new style of production that we are able to facilitate an increase in participation numbers!

How much are tickets this year?

$160, this is the same price as last year!

Why is there is a registration step?!

We want to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at getting a ticket, and that those who truly want to go can go. This ensures we limit the sale to those who have had the forethought and intention of coming.

This also allows us to plan for what kind of servers we need to facilitate the sale. Be warned that the tickets will sell out. Please be on time when you intend to purchase a ticket!

Should I register ahead of time?

Yes. Registration closes the day before sale.

Is there any advantage in registering more than once?

No. In-fact, you’ll be at a disadvantage trying to use multiple accounts to make purchases, tickets will go almost instantly.

Is there a limit to the numbers of participant tickets I can purchase?

Yes. In the main sale, there is a maximum of 2 ticket purchases per order.
In the Last Minute Sale, you will only be able to register for ONE ticket.

I’ve been told I have a Directed Ticket. Do I have to go through all that registration stuff?

No, those who are certain to be receiving a directed ticket does not need to participate in the main sale this year.

How can I pay for this?

You must have a valid credit card to buy your ticket.  We recommend only VISA or Mastercard as American Express may cause problems.

I don’t have a credit card. Do you accept a cheque?


Also, no cash, sexual favours, bonded labour contracts nor first born children.

What happens if the event is postponed or cancelled? What is the refund policy?

If the event is postponed, all tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event.  If you can’t make it that day, you will be entitled to a full refund.  You will also get a full refund if we cancel the event.

My car broke down on the way there. Can I get a refund?


I got impaled by a Unicorn horn. Can I get a refund?


Even when you have a doctor’s certificate about said horn!

I am in a wheelchair and will be with my caregiver. What is the ticketing policy?

Persons with disabilities should contact us to make arrangements for themselves and their caregiver: [email protected]

Not enough of our key project leads or volunteers have gotten a ticket, what can I do?

Directed tickets have been made available for event organization leads, art projects receiving GVIAS grants, and placed theme camps. You will be contacted directly by our registration team if your name was submitted. For further questions, please email [email protected]

Can I bring my kids?

Children 6-12 are eligible for an $8 CAD ticket.

Youth Tickets are for those between 13 and 18 and will be $80 CAD

Infants are free, but we do require that you get a free infant ticket from the BitF 2018 Purchase Page

Guardian MUST already have a ticket for themselves.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet device to log on and secure my tickets?

Yes you can but it is highly advised to use a laptop/desktop as these tend to be more user friendly with time sensitive stuff as this. [Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari]

I don’t have access to a computer. What should I do?

Find someone with a computer or smartphone and borrow theirs (or go to a Library!).  It should only take a few minutes to set yourself up.  Be aware that you will need to use it to register, reserve and purchase your ticket.

Do I need to bring my paper ticket?

We encourage you to download the ticket onto your smartphone, however if this is not feasible bring a hard-copy. This will be surrendered at the gate and recycled. LEAVE NO TRACE!

Will there be a second round of ticket sales?

Any tickets are left over from all previous sales will be made available in a Last Minute Sale.

The last minute sale will start June 17th and run until all tickets are sold out.

There will be no registration phase, this last batch will be open the public and you will need to purchase the ticket at checkout.

I cannot come to the event. Can I transfer the ticket to a buddy?

We are sorry to hear that  you cannot make it but the good news is that you can absolutely transfer the ticket.  This feature is built right into the Quicket system.

In order to transfer your ticket to a friend, login with your Quicket account, find your ticket and click the “transfer ticket” link.

The person you have transferred the ticket will need to provide all their personal details into a form and accept the waiver before the ticket becomes available to them. As stated in the purchase phase their name must be that of their official government issued ID.

Your ticket transfer should be completed by Wednesday, July 11th, at 11:59:59 PM PDT. While it is still technically possible, we can not guarantee your ticket transfer beyond that date.

Be 1000% sure about the recipient email address which you are transferring the ticket to. If an incorrect email address is submitted, the ticket will disappear into the void and the Registration Team will not be able to help you!

Instructions with screenshots can be found here:

I’m still in elementary school. Can I go?

Only if you are accompanied by your parents/legal guardian.  You must be 19+ to go unaccompanied.

What if I can’t afford a participant ticket?

Low income tickets are being made available this year through a directed ticket program.

This program is available to register for between April 1st to the 14th.
More information can be found here: Low Income Ticket Information.