Bears and Large Wildlife

Despite the photo above, the Cheam Fishing Village is much less remote than Squamish Valley, and sightings of bears and other dangerous wildlife less common…but as you can see from the photo, not unheard of. Keep your campsites tidy and your garbage in bins. Be bear-ware.


The mosquitoes at Cheam Fishing Village are more numerous than at Squamish Valley Campground, particularly in June. The taper off as the river dries in July. We highly suggest that you bring bug repellent with DEET or Citronella, and mosquito coils are useful. For parents with small children, consider a mesh jacket and face shield for the child, or a mesh picnic tent for you and your group.

There are wild honeybees in some areas of the site; most of these should be removed by the time of the event, but some bees may still be present for BitF. If you are allergic, bring a current epi-pen and know how to use it.

Epi-pens will also be available at the Medics.

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