Workshops and Events 2019

Each year, our uber-talented community members offer a variety of workshops, events, seminars, and talks at Burn In The Forest. Burn in the Forest helps to coordinate venues where citizens can offer these gatherings, and prints a schedule of workshops in our What Where When guide.

  • If you are are hosting a workshop or event and would like it listed in the 2019 WWW please use this form below!
  • If you need a venue to host your gathering use the form below!

Deadline for submissions to be included in the WWW Guide is June 18, 2019

Workshops and Events - 2019

Please use this form to find a venue for your workshop/event, or to offer a venue, or to have your workshop/event listed in the WWW.
  • Please enter an email address where you can be contacted.
  • Please enter a phone number where you can be contacted.
    If you're applying early, you won't, but just let us know so we can check in before we go to print.
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  • Theme camp hosting this event - If you don't have a location or are free camping, please email [email protected]
  • Please describe the type of workshop, event, talk or seminar you have in mind.
  • Please list anything people need to bring to enjoy your workshop or event fully.
    Have you already made arrangements with a venue (or an open public space) to host your workshop or event at a specific time, and want that information included in the WWW?
  • Size of venue, pillows or chairs, amplified sound, power, etc. We want folks to use Centre Camp!
    If yes, please refer to the BITF sound policy at
  • Please add any information you think is relevant here.